Matera offers a wide range of sandwiches and dishes, its food is carefully made with a delicious taste, Matera has a unique setting area with an outdoor green and refreshing atmosphere for its costumers to gather around a meal and have a delightful experience.

Baseline corporation has a productive business relationship, we were responsible for the promotion and marketing for Matera, creating its visual identity using modern ideas that is expressive and simple which relates to the public, the visualization plan included a photo session for its products, providing a unique design with information of all food products and offers, also, indoor and outdoor photography of its setting and open spaces, we played an integral part for the kick-off and opening of Matera, we provided planning for its social media management, we were responsible for the social media management during the kick-off to create the best display of Matera’s values to its customers.

logo construction

Matera city