Our dealings with Primo restaurant was aimed at restructuring and rehabilitating the foundation of this restaurant, in our first meeting with the restaurant manager, he listed all the problems facing the restaurant and there were many of them, although the restaurant offers an excellent taste but it was not popular or known in the city of Benghazi, after the end of this meeting, Our company team met and decided to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan to put Primo restaurant on the map

we have a style in our company to create a name for each strategy plan, one can express the achievement of the strategic goals as
well as the fulfillment of the desired requirements for success, the plan was designed for six months to put Primo restaurant on the map of the famous restaurants of Benghazi.

This strategy was launched starting with the re-creation of a commercial identity by changing almost everything related to the identity of the restaurant, this included all photo sessions related to special food photography, as well as location photography, 18 type of
pastries and sandwiches, also all work related to graphic design in a sophisticated and professional way to be used to the different social media for digital marketing, the strategy also included partnerships with famous media platforms in Benghazi

one was with the most popular and followed Facebook page called food lovers, which has 180 thousand members and of the most famous groups of food in the city of Benghazi, this helped to spread the name of the restaurant to be known to all
people who love food, the partnership included competitions, which has a great
interaction with all the group followers, these activities increased the base of people who know Primo and its offers, people got to know the distinctive style of the restaurant In making pastries by a Tunisian chef with 15 years of experience in this

These competitions were very special, it is worth mentioning in one of these
competitions the awards provided were a month-long subscription to Netflix so that the four winners enjoyed this subscription for a month, this competition was one of the prominent and known competitions on social media sites related to food in recent years, this led to great publicity, for example

the Arabic digital media website AraGeek wrote an article about the competition, AraGeek is one of first Arabic online magazine to offer engaging and relevant content focused on technology and social media news to Arab youth.

We at baseline corporation believe in making partnerships with companies in order to connect them with our customers and achieve greater goals, the strength of Baseline Corporation lies in the strength of our network and connections, through which we can benefit our customers, for example, we struck a deal between our partner DoFm Radio and Primo restaurant, a DoFm is the biggest radio listened to in Benghazi, which has a range of 500 square kilometers of coverage, Radio Do FM and this partnership helped to create very big publicity for Primo restaurant on the radio and in return, DoFm radio was featured in the cover design of
all pastry packaging of Primo restaurant.

primo campaign